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Treatment Site Registration

In order to provide healthcare professionals with information about local treatment sites through which Prolia® can be accessed through the medical benefit, Amgen has created the Prolia FinderTM treatment site locator, an informational database of treatment sites. Through this informational resource, healthcare professionals will receive a list of treatment sites and their contact information, based on geographical parameters identified by the healthcare professional. Enrollment in the treatment site locator is open to all providers that meet the treatment site terms and conditions of participation described in the "Participant Authorization," on the "Treatment Site Registration" page.

If your treatment site would like to be included in the Prolia FinderTM treatment site locator, please complete your treatment site information on the form on the right. (If your treatment site has multiple locations please fill out one form for each location).


List your Treatment Site


Please fill out all the required (those indicated by an *) fields below to have your treatment site listed.

Site acknowledges that it can bill Prolia® through a patient’s Medical Benefit for Medicare Part B and
     commercial insurance plans.*
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Terms and conditions:

In order to participate in the treatment site locator of Prolia Finder™, sites must be willing to accept faxed medical orders and insurance coverage information, accept a call from a patient making an injection appointment, purchase and administer Prolia®, and bill the appropriate insurance company through the patient's medical benefit. Entities that enroll in the Prolia Finder™ treatment site locator must not be listed on any federal exclusion or debarment lists (such as the OIG's List of Excluded Individuals/and Entities on the Excluded Parties List). Choices provided are based on proximity to the patient/provider requesting assistance and/or criteria provided by the requesting provider/patient.

Participation Authorization

By clicking "I agree/submit" below, the entity named above agrees as follows:

The entity named above understands the terms and conditions above for listing the treatment site in the Prolia Finderâ„¢, and that those terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. The entity named above certifies that it has the appropriate licensure to carry out these services as required by applicable state laws. By providing the requested information, the entity named above represents and warrants that it is authorized to disclose such information to a 3rd party such as Amgen. The entity named also represents and warrants that the information submitted in the registration form is accurate and up to date.

Listing a treatment site in the Prolia Finderâ„¢ is not a guarantee that site participants will have patients/providers choose their site. It is understood that participation in the Prolia Finderâ„¢ treatment site locator is not a guarantee of business and that Amgen is not providing referrals. In the event a site is chosen through the Prolia Finderâ„¢, it is the duty of each provider, patient and treatment site to understand payer-specific policies. Amgen assumes no liability for patient payment or care.

The entity named above agrees to be listed in the Prolia Finderâ„¢ and to receive communication related to Prolia Finderâ„¢ and similar Amgen services.

Both Amgen and the entity named above reserve the right to end this agreement with 30 days advance notice to ensure patient treatment is not disrupted. If there is "cause," then agreement may be terminated immediately.

By submitting this form, I verify that I am an employee or agent of the site listed above and I am authorized to Add, Edit or Delete this account profile.

If you need additional assistance finding a treating site or pharmacy, contact Amgen Assist® at 1-866-AMG-ASST (1-866-264-2778). (Monday through Friday, 9AM – 8PM EST)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prolia® coverage restrictions and individual patient out-of-pocket costs vary. The information provided is not a guarantee of coverage or reimbursement for Prolia®, and does not take the place of written policy information from the payer. It is the duty of each provider, patient, pharmacy and treatment site to understand payer-specific policies related to a particular patient.